'If Sarah can not do it, there is a trick to it!'


Our Business Consulting

Sarah's Solutions & Associates offers one on one brand consulting created to focus on strategies and solutions to help your business grow. Whether you are a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to expand, our consulting sessions are perfect for you to gain creative perspective and guidance through tips, recommendations, resources, and tools to help build up your brand  for success.


A 60-minute consultation session via phone call, skype or in person.

We will also discuss marketing goals and strategies and create effective marketing techniques to showcase products and services that fit your business.

Need help with Marketing? We have a solution for you!

Sarah's Solutions & Associates offers an online marketing platform to market your business and communicate your services. For a monthly charge of $25, you can become a member and receive a business profile on Sarah's List. On Sarah's List you will be able to display your companies information and offers.


Sarah's List is a list of local services providers in the Atlanta area. Through Sarah's List, Guest have the ability to quickly and easily access trustworthy providers they can hire for personal, commercial and residential services. 

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